Monday, October 4, 2010

Untitled Poem

The colors
Bright, sunny, bold
They shine like glass
Piercing my eyes
Blinding me with their beauty

Looking out over the water
I feel a sense of peace
No one can hurt me here
No one can disturb me
If only I could stay forever

Feel the wind rustling my hair
I look up into the breeze
The cool air refreshes my mind
Enticing me with its dance
Calling me to settle down


  1. Is this a poem you wrote? It is very good. I used to write poetry. I have had writers block for a few years now. Maybe I will post somne of my old stuff sometime?


  2. it is :) every now and then I will get the writer's bug and write something. You should post some stuff. I wrote this about a year or so ago.