Sunday, August 22, 2010

College Portfolio

Here are some of my pieces from college. They are all hand drawn and hand rendered.  These are from my first round of college, graduating in 2001.  So they are a bit rough and as I look on them now I see many things that need to be fixed.  However, I was and am very proud of my work.  There are many many more pieces that I have in my professional portfolio but I don't want to put everything on the web.

Greek Style Hotel Room Perspective

Loft Apartment Perspective

Loft Apartment Perspective

Loft Apartment Floorplan

Victorian Mansion Restaurant Ballroom Dining Area Perspective

Victorian Mansion Master Bedroom Perspective

Victorian Mansion Residential Dining Room Perspective

Victorian Mansion Residential Living Room Perspective

Victorian Mansion Residential Kitchen Perspective


  1. um, i would like to have that loft apartment, please. thanks in advance.

  2. I know right Piper!!! And that little apartment thing on the top right is the maid's quarters haha! We had a program to follow and that was part of it :)

    Thanks Enviro ;)

  3. Amy, these are should send some of your work to publishing company's with a resume to do illustrations. I am so proud of you.
    Aunt Janice

  4. Thanks Aunt Janice!!
    Maybe one day I will :)

  5. Great job! Did you go to school for interior design?

  6. Thanks Goodgurl. Yes I did go to college for ID. I loved it!