Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Project Finished!!!

I am super proud of myself for getting this done in time for the shower this upcoming weekend.  I am mailing the gift off tomorrow so my designated person can take the gift to the shower!

Here is the finished product:

It measures about 30"x36" so its a decent size blanket.  Sorry I couldn't get a full view of it.  My camera somehow broke and since its a touch screen, I can't change the settings and it is stuck on close up :(  Time for another new camera.  I didn't get a chance to make the baby bottle holder but that is OK.  I can always make it at a later date and ship it to them when she is born.

Here is a hat I also made.  I made two.  One brown and white and one white and brown.  They are opposites.  I only took a picture of the white and brown one but you can get the idea of the other one.