Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Gift Basket - Blocks and Blanket

The blocks are finished!  Super cute huh????

I also started on the blocks for the blanket.  I did 8 at first then realized that instead of switching yarns constantly I should crochet like a conveyor belt.  So I did 5 with pink, then 5 with white.  Then I will do brown on all 10 and then 5 of the pink and 5 of the white.  Goes much faster this way too.

This is the pattern.  When they are all completed, there will be a brown border.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Gift Basket - Baby Blocks

I am working on some baby stuff for a baby shower this summer.  I decided to do baby blocks, a hat, booties, bottle holder, and a blanket.  Her room is brown, pink and white so I am sticking with that theme for everything but the blocks.  Blocks should be colorful and fun!  There are 3 babies being born this summer that I know so hopefully the mother doesn't figure out it is her! :)

I am using this pattern from Lion Bran yarn to work from for the blocks.  I alter most patterns I use slightly.  These blocks are 4" vs the 4 1/2" they recommend.  Mainly because 4" foam is MUCH cheaper than 5" and I couldn't find any 4 1/2". $60 a yard for 4" foam!  CRAZY EXPENSIVE!  Good thing I had my 50% one regular priced item coupon and only bought 11"!

I have one cube done so far and I am loving it!

Here are the squares piled up for each block.  I used light purple, dark purple, light pink, dark pink, white and yellow green.

These six squares will wrap around the blocks I cut out from foam.  I didn't worry too much about the look of the blocks since they will be covered by yarn.

And finally here is the first block completed!

These are the most adorable things I may have ever made and my new favorite project.  They are super easy as well.  Look out world.  I may be selling some blocks on etsy.